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 8-30g Affordable Housing

The need and the right way to implement so as not to impact any one area of a municipality and to afford all citizens quality of life. Keep decision making on the local level, not let the state determine where and how large/dense these units are built.

Make changes to the current law of not allowing units built prior to 1990 to be added to the equation and crippling local municipalities ability to reach moratoriums.

Fairfield has well over 200 units that do not count towards the state mandated municipal requirements.  Even if we tear down and rebuild it doesn't count because it is built on the same blueprint.  This hinders each town and city from qualifying for a moratorium. 


The New Norm in our schools

Returning to the new norm for our schools.

How will this work, What are your fears, do you feel safe sending your children and teachers back to in school learning?

Has the State done enough to assure the system will work?

Will you be sending your children back to full time schooling or continue online distance learning?

These are all important things to think about to help our BOE make the right decisions for all of our children.  

How do you feel about Hybrid Learning?

Some school districts may start the school year with a hybrid plan, allowing half of their students to return to in-person learning, while the other half learn remotely.


State Spending

Our state is  in fiscal year 2020-21, Connecticut is staring at a $2.3 billion budget shortfall.

How can we as a state bring revenues back to Connecticut?

I've always believed we should attract manufacturing back to our state.  CT was once a flourishing vibrant manufacturing state that afforded blue collar workers to stay employed and we had great technical schools to teach our youth to work with their hand, learn the every day functions of running businesses and and provided those who would not necessarily be college bound a solid foundation for their futures so they could work and live and survive in the communities they were born and raised. 

A great source is


Transportation and tolls rears its ugly head each and every year.  Why does this happen?

Because we keep trying to fill our coffers with tolls and taxes instead of attracting new businesses and ultimately taxing our very own citizens right out looking for cheaper pastures.

There are better ways of fixing our transportation than implementing a toll system that would even spread to the Merritt Parkway which was built as a scenic drive that does not permit trucks so who will bare the brunt of the costs? Connecticut citizens of course.  Open and man ALL of our weigh stations on our major highways (tax revenues) implement a cars only system during commuter times with designated on and off ramps for large trucks.  Sounds complicated?  Obviously not so much because if you travel to the southern states and other parts of the US you will see they've been doing it for years.  add more HOV lanes for use during commuter hours, will this cost money? of course it will but it will ultimately save lives and the infrastructure over the long term.

You decide which issues you feel are most important and if your representative is listening.


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