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Meet Joanne

"Growing up and living in Connecticut for a youthful 67 years, I truly understand the real issues facing the average citizens of our state and what can be done to make life more livable for all.

I was born and raised in Westport, Connecticut by my late parents Mary E. Hewitt Romano and Joseph A. Romano, who served as a Westport Police Officer. 

After living in Norwalk for 39 years my husband, Lance M. Csonka, who is a life long Fairfield Resident (Mike & Dot Csonka), and I moved to Fairfield.

I have a daughter and son in-law, and two fantastic grandsons, C.J. and Paul!

As a former local elected official I understand what excessive spending has done to cripple municipalities and Connecticut as a whole. I also understand how following party politics and supporting failed policies is not the answer. We need to work together to reduce taxes, support our schools equally across the state, assure our seniors are able to survive in their hometowns, reduce traffic congestion, realistically build affordable and low income housing so it does not impact homeowners and single home neighborhoods and over crowd any one school district we need to make our state business friendly and cut waste."

Left to right: C.J. Davis (Grandson), Jessica Hwang (Daughter),

Paul Hwang (Grandson), Kevin Hwang (Son in-Law) 

Joanne Romano-Csonka

Bringing Common Sense
Government To Hartford

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Casimir A. Mizera, Treasurer
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